Winter Motorcycling Tips

snowIf you love biking so much you do not want to put it away this winter or it is your only mode of transport, please pay attention to some basic safety measures that will help you through the winter months.

  • Avoid sudden acceleration, braking and swerves. Keep a good distance between you and everything else on the road and try and anticipate others mistakes. Of course it takes longer to brake in slippery weather but do you rally want to be up close in someone else’s spray?
  • Dress warmly. A thick waterproof jacket is essential and try to wear at least two layers underneath that. One layer should be wool as this will provide good insulation. wear warm but long gloves but not oo thick that you cannot operate the controls safely. Wearing a balaclava under your helmet is a good idea.
  • Maybe add heated bike grips to your motorcycle.
  • Heated gloves and vests are also available.
  • Wear an inner visor mask to keep your breath from fogging up your visor.
  • Be highly visible to other road users and pedestrians by wearing hi-visibility clothing and keep your lights on all the time.
  • To avoid damage caused by salt and other chemicals keep your bike clean or spray your bike with anti-corrosion products.
  • Above all be safe