Top Ten OMG Moments in Sons of Anarchy Season Five

sons_of_anarchyWarning: Spoilers ahead!

Everyone loves a good boxset to binge-watch at the weekend, and as admirers of beautiful motorcycles, we love nothing more than a good binge-watch of Sons of Anarchy. In between handling the personal injury claims of our clients here at Carry on Biking, we have compiled a list of the top ten most shocking moments in season five.

10. Episode 6 – Small World

After Clay’s shooting at the hand of Opie, he has been carting around an oxygen tank, and looking weak. In this episode we see that he not only is healed and healthy, but that he is behind the string of home-invasions plaguing Charming.

9. Episode 5 – Orca Shrugged

The home-invasions escalate as the masked men break into Sherriff Roosevelt’s house. His wife – and Gemma’s new friend – Rita is shot, and killed.

8. Episode 5 – Orca Shrugged

As part of a deal with mayor Hale, the Sons set up a local businessman by drugging him and staging photos with transgender hooker, Venus. Tig is transfixed by her, much to Jax’s amusement.

7. Episode 7 – Toad’s Wild Ride

Trying to mend the relationship between her family and Jax’s mother, Tara asks Gemma to babysit. Gemma collects the boys, but is high, and runs the car of the road. Thankfully, neither of the children are seriously injured.

6. Episode 10 – Crucifixed

As a ruse to get Otto to recant his RICO statement, Tara has been volunteering her medical services at the prison. She takes pity on the broken man, and brings him a jewelled crucifix as a memento of his late wife.
After she gives him a moment alone to pray, Otto buzzes the nurse in, and stabs her with the crucifix. His RICO statement is effectively ruined, but he has made Jax’s old lady an accessory to murder.

5. Episode 12 – Darthy

Jax does not take kindly to his ex-wife’s threats, and visits her, taking a syringe of heroine to inject her with.

4. Episode 13 – J’ai Obtenue Cette

Former US Marshal, and brother to the murdered nurse, Lee Toric watches as Otto is interviewed. He can only be impressed by Otto’s commitment to remaining silent as the prisoner bites off his own tongue, and throws it at Toric.

3. Episode 13 – J’ai Obtenue Cette

Jax meets with Pope, arranging to hand over Tig once and for all. At the last moment he shoots Pope’s men, and hands Tig a gun to kill Pope. Clay’s gun.

2. Episode 1 – Sovereign

In retaliation for Tig accidentally killing Veronica Pope, her father gets revenge. He forces Tig to watch his own daughter rburn to death. Tig breaks free and kills two men in a rage.

1. Episode 3 – Laying Pipe

Following on from the death of his daughter, and men, Pope demands that a Son’s life be forfeit to redress the balance. As several of the Sons are stuck in Stockton prison, they are sitting ducks, and Jax cannot decide who should be the one to face death.

Eventually, Opie makes the decision for him by head-butting one of the corrupt prison guards. Jax, Tig, and Chibs watch as he is beaten to death.