Top Four Freak motorcycle Accidents

We all know that speeding, drinking, and carelessness can all contribute to crashing your motorcycle. But what about those unforeseen circumstances?
Here are four of the strangest motorcycle accidents that we have ever heard of.

4. Isn’t it ironic?

In 2011, a man named Philip Contos was taking part on a protest ride against the introduction of mandatory helmet laws in parts of the United States. Sadly, he crashed his motorbike, and died from his injuries…a helmet may have saved his life.

3. An unpheasant incident.

In 2012, an Englishman named Matthew Johnson was killed after being knocked from his bike by a flying pheasant. It is unknown whether the pheasant survived.

2. The Birds.

In something out of a Hitchcock movie, it seems that birds really do not like motorcyclists. Or Matthews. In 2010, Matthew Brealy was travelling at approximately 50 miles per hour, when a pigeon flew into him, and smashed his visor with such force that it knocked him out, and broke his glasses. Whilst Brealy stayed upright for a short while, his unconscious body opened the throttle, increasing his speed to around 140 miles per hour. He crashed into a tree, and was severely injured. Amazingly, he survived his broken leg, and multiple skull fractures.

1. We are as mayflies.

Just this month, on Saturday 13th June, the Veterans Memorial Bridge between Columbia and Wrightsville, Pennsylvania had to be closed after a thick swarm of mating mayflies caused three separate motorcycle accidents. It is thought that the insects have been attracted to the new, brighter light bulbs in the bridge’s street lamps.

A lesson in safety?

Whilst there is little that you can do about kamikaze fowl, or mating river insects, we would urge all of our clients at Carry on Biking to never disregard their own safety.

Always wear a helmet, one that fits properly, and carries the appropriate safety mark. And remember that full helmets are the safest variety – no matter how much you might want to wear the cheaper, and trendier, ‘skullcap’ helmets.

You should also remember that whilst there is a growing trend for novelty helmets, it is much better to be protected than pretty. Use decals by all means, but don’t gamble with your life.

Another vital part of you motorcycle safety armour is your clothing. There’s a reason that many bikers wear leather, and it’s not just because it looks cool. Leathers are amongst the most protective of biking outfits, keeping you safe from cuts, scrapes, and avulsions. And with the right padding, they can also offer some protection from broken bones.

When you combine your helmet, leathers, and your boots, with safe biking, you have a good chance of avoiding injury. Unfortunately you cannot account for the observational skills of others. If you have suffered an injury as the result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, get in touch with us, and let us help you work out if you can claim any compensation.