Tips on motorbike theft prevention

stolen bike

You save up all of your hard earned money on buying yourself that bike that you’ve always wanted. You lovingly care for it as if it was our own child. And then some heartless good-for-nothing goes and steals it. It is enough to make your blood boil. Unfortunately, as much as you love your bike, there will probably be someone else who does too.

In truth, your bike is never really, 100% safe anywhere – whether it is parked in a car park, in front of your house, on the street or even in your own garage. So you should try and be vigilant at all times, just in case. There are, however, some things that you can do to make it as difficult as possible for someone to steal your beloved bike. Here are some tips on how to protect your bike from getting stolen:


    • Don’t park it between two parked cars – the cars will create great cover for the thief whilst they are doing their dirty work.
    • Change your location – try to park your bike in different places not in the same spot, every day at the same time. Thieves are crafty and will soon get to know you and your bike.
    • If you are parking your bike in a garage, try to hide it behind a car or piece of furniture (and make sure that you lock the garage door! You might also want to think about buying an alarm for your garage).
    • Park your bike as close to any security cameras as possible.
    • If possible, park as close to the door as you can – you might be able to keep an eye on it yourself, or at least there will be more people passing.


    • When you are looking for something to attach your bike lock to, look for the heaviest and most difficult to dismantle object as possible.
    • If you are going to use a disc lock, get one with an alarm on it.
    • If you can lock your bike to other bikes, it is much more difficult to get free – quickly and without causing fuss.
    • If you are using a chain lock, make sure that it doesn’t touch the ground – where it can be smashed with a hammer and chisel and wrap it around as tight as possible so there is no slack.


Always lock your ignition and remove the key.

  • Think about using a plain motorcycle cover – one which won’t show that your bike is brand new, and think about getting a cover from a manufacturer that thieves won’t be interested in – e.g. you could use a BMW cover for your brand new Harley.
  • Put a unique marking on your bike – so that it is easily distinguishable – this will not only make it easier to find and spot but also put thieves off in the first place for this very reason.
  • If you are technical and have a good understanding of the mechanics, try dismantling a part, loosening the spark plug cap for example, when you park, so that a thief would think that it’s faulty and look for another bike to steal.


Unfortunately, when a thief really wants to steal your bike there is a high chance that they will find a way to do so. This is why the best forms of defence are to make sure that they don’t know that it’s your bike, or what bike is under the cover, and to ensure that you have parked it in a well-lit area, with the most people around – in front of a bar with bouncers for example. Whilst you can’t make it 100% theft-proof, you can at least try to make it more of a challenge for thieves.