Summer Biking Tips

A lot of us bikers are planning more rides now the good weather is here and the nights are getting lighter.

Here are a few tips and advice for safe  motorcycling:

motor-bike-serviceHave you checked your bike lately?

It is advisable to do these checks each time before you take your bike out on the road:

  • Check your fuel levels
  • Check your bike oil level and if low top up with correct fluid for your bike
  • Check water levels and look for signs of any water leakage from the radiator
  • Check the chain (if chain driven) for the correct slackness and that it is lubricated
  • Check for damage all over the bike that could potentially cause a danger
  • Check lights, indicators and brake lights
  • Ensure tyres are inflated to the correct pressure and are not worn out
  • Steering should move smoothly both left and right and not be obstructed in any way
  • Suspension should bounce smoothly. Check fork seals for any leaks
  • Check brakes work correctly front and rear

You may have had your bike in store throughout the winter or may not have had a service recently so now is a great time to get this done.

Summer Clothing

Because it is warmer now you may be tempted to wear less protective clothing but there are plenty of protective summer alternatives that will protect your skin!

Make sure your leathers and helmet are fit for the job and look for any signs of damage and wear and tear that could cause your clothing to fail when needed.

Ride Safer

You may not have been out on your bike since last summer so please remind yourself of the following safety tips:

  • Expect the unexpected
  • Ride with your headlight on dipped beam during daylight and be seen
  • Control your speed so you have time to react
  • Leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front
  • Take care when filtering through traffic
  • Be vigilant at junctions and be prepared to stop even though you may have right away
  • Keep the appropriate speed on bends
  • Drive to the road conditions and adjust your speed
  • Keep hydrated and carry extra liquids as dehydration affects concentration

MOT and Insurance

Check that your insurance and MOT are valid and notify your insurer of any modifications to your motorcycle