Helmet Speaker Options

helmet speakersIt doesn’t get much better than flying along the open road with the sound of your favourite tunes. For motorcyclists, this has always been difficult to achieve, fiddling around with headphones, but now with better technology, motorcyclists can enjoy a good quality sound whilst enjoying the freedom of the road.

In the beginning…

Back in the day, any music was played through speakers on the handlebars of the bike. This was almost completely pointless as the sound of the tyres on the road, the wind and the use of a helmet almost completely blocked out any music that might have been played. This is why inner helmet speakers were invented.

MP3 players have allowed motorcyclists to carry around their entire record collection in one small piece of apparatus and this has revolutionised the world of helmet speakers and opened up the options for motorcyclists.

Free-standing Motorcycle Speakers

Free-standing motorcycle speakers work in the same way as an MP3 player. You put the phones in your ears and then secure the wire with the helmet itself. They can be used with or without the helmet and are controlled through the MP3 player. They can, however, fall out of your ears whist you are riding meaning that you would have to stop to put them in again.

Attached Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Helmet speakers which are attached to the helmet itself can be controlled through a wire or Bluetooth. There are a number of different features which you can consider when you are thinking about which motorcycle helmet speakers you are wanting to buy:

  • Probably the most important feature when it comes to the quality of sound that you will hear, as well as the user’s comfort, is the size of the speaker. The speaker will be held against your head, so you need to think about this when you are choosing your speaker. The diameter and thickness of the speakers will impact greatly on the quality of the sound from your speakers.
  • When it comes to buying almost any sound equipment, price can play a major factor, and this is no different with motorcycle helmet speakers. You really do get what you pay for in terms of sound quality and comfort.
  • Sound quality is a major factor when it comes to speakers – is it really worth splashing out on a helmet with speakers if the quality isn’t great? Maybe the sound of the open road would be better to listen to? The only really way to know which speakers are the best for you in terms of sound quality is to test them out.
  • Headphones can be built in to create communication between bikers through radio so that if you want to talk to other riders in your group it is possible to do so. This is great for co-ordinating stops and control can be through waterproof buttons on the handle bars.
  • Speakers can also be linked to sat nav to ensure that you never again get lost.

There is no better way to enjoy the beautiful sights of Britain’s roads than a relaxing bike ride, and the only way that this can be truly enhanced is through the chance to have your favourite music caressing your ears. With good quality motorcycle helmet speakers, you can ensure that you get a top quality sound which will really turn a good trip into a great one.