Damage to Motorcycle and Kit

At Carry on Biking we are aware that for the average motorcyclist getting back on your motorbike as soon as you are fit enough to do so is a priority.

An assessment of your damaged bike

Whether you motorbike is written off or just needs some simple repairs, as soon as you want to get back out on the road we make it our priority to ensure that you are able to do so. We will do all we can to either get your motorbike repaired or to obtain a replacement and we can even arrange the hire of a bike while the repairs or replacement is being carried out. We also offer help with motorcycle damaged claims

Bike repairs or replacement

When you instruct our solicitors at Carry on Biking, we will make sure that your bike is assessed by a specialist motorcycle assessor for a report on the damage. If it can be repaired then we will make sure that high quality repairs are made to the same specifications as it was before the accident.

If the damage to your bike is not repairable, we will aim to get you an interim payment as soon as possible so that you can replace your bike as soon as possible.

We will take all the hassle out of dealing with the insurers and we have an extensive network of reputable motorcycle dealers who will assess your bike to see if it can be repaired or needs replacing. If you have a good relationship with your own dealer who is not on our list we will liaise with them for you and add them to our network list assuming they meet our high standards.

Replacing your damaged kit

We know that motorcycle gear is as expensive as it is essential. If any of your kit is damaged, be it your helmet, gloves or leathers, we will make sure that the insurers pay you for its true value and quickly so you can replace it and get back on the road.

Let us help you

Quite simply, if you have damaged your motorbike and kit in an accident then you need the specialist solicitors at Carry on Biking. We pride ourselves on providing a good service. We have the knowledge and experience of dealing with motorbike accident claims that will ensure that you get the right amount of compensation not only for your injuries but for your bike and equipment.